Makers Open Call (4).png

Are you a maker looking to sell your wares at peace + RIOT?

Well, due to the overwhelming inquiries we get each day, we have decided to host our first open call for artists and makers.  We are always excited to put our neighbors on to exceptional gifts and decor for the home.  Due to exclusivity contracts, we can not see jewelry or vintage clothing.

The open call will take place Sunday August 27th 11-6 and Monday August 28th 11-6.  If you are unable to attend, you will have another chance in February.  PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN, SEND EMAILS OR LEAVE VOICEMAILS PRIOR TO THESE DATES.  WE WILL NOT RESPOND.  

On the day of the call, please bring a few items that represent your collection.  Also, bring a completed vendor application form.  Click on 'Application" below and the form will answer all your questions and help you decide if we are a good partner for you.


Achuziam + Lionel